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Frequently Asked Questions.

Recruitment agencies are essentially ‘middlemen’ between jobseekers and employers. We work on behalf of employers to find suitable candidates to fill their vacancies. Many employers use agencies and therefore candidates get access to jobs that aren’t advertised elsewhere.

We charge the clients between 10-20% of the candidates salary for the role we fill. If we place a candidate on £50,000 that usually can be a fee anywhere between £5-10,000 for our services.

Our 360 Recruitment Agency course is a step by step program to help entrepreneurs whether they are experienced or not to start their own agencies. 

We have a number of plans based on your requirements. We offer both online course and face to face courses alongside mentorship programs. Our courses section has the Bronze, Silver & Gold packages and Prices. Please do not hesitate to call and get a personalised quote for your requirements.

If you are interested and would like to go ahead with booking one of our courses we recommend filling out our contact forms, emailing or calling us to confirm exactly which package would be best suited to your needs. We will then enrol you on the course. Dates/Times are limited to availability.

Our face to face courses are held in both Leeds & London with limited availability in both locations. We can accommodate one of our specialist consultants travelling to your location however travel costs will be included in the course price.

Our success rate is around 90% due to the highly detailed program we enrol all our candidates on. If you show dedication and commitment to this program we can guarantee you will be successful.

Yes we have a mentorship program to help you with on going support once you set up your recruitment agency business. This includes all the specialist technical knowledge, advise and guidance one requires.

The online course can be taken at your convenience. You tick the completed button after watching each video which then tracks your progress. You can complete within one day or take three months, this is entirely dependant on your lifestyle and availability. 

Yes in the UK alone companies spend around £35.1 billion pounds per year on recruitment agencies. This provides a huge market and demand for high quality recruitment consultants who are willing to work hard to find clients the best candidates on the market.

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